• be the flatmate

    Finding a room in Berlin is not easy.

    Perhaps you’ve already spent hours trawling through WG-Gesucht, spammed all of your social media groups, and annoyed every single one of your contacts by asking them on a daily basis whether they know anyone who’s looking for a flatmate.

    But despite weeks of searching and going to countless “castings”, you’re still roomless in Berlin. Sometimes, extreme situations require extreme measures.

    This is an extreme measure.

    For a modest fee, you can rent this website for an entire month. I will meet you for a photoshoot, help write your profile in German and English, and market the living shit out of this website. I will also give you a T-Shirt with this website’s URL on it.

    I expend significant energy telling everybody I meet about this site. I also post articles to this site which will soon appear on Google and are designed to attract people living in Berlin to them. I also put stickers in random bathrooms in Berlin and sing ballads on the S-Bahn about the wonders of this legendary website… Ok the last one was a lie.

    Every Berliner who ends up on this site will see your profile. It’s not like WG-Gesucht. You will be the only one here for an entire month.

    This is YOUR website.