• Samantha

    The current flatmate is Samantha.

    Samantha is a vibrant and cultured young woman hailing from the obscure country of Zorastria. She is a true embodiment of the phrase “cultured and cosmopolitan”, having spent her formative years traversing the globe in pursuit of her passions.

    Samantha is not only a talented musician, who plays an exotic instrument native to her homeland, the “Zorastrian Zither”, but she is also an accomplished artist, and her walls are adorned with her striking and emotive creations. Her flatmates will be delighted by her melodic tunes and will be able to admire her artworks.

    But her talents don’t stop there, for she is also a student of the esoteric, studying the ancient and unique field of “Zorastrian philosophy” that would pique the interest of even the most intellectually curious. She is always eager to share her knowledge and her culture with others and will be happy to enlighten you about her country and its history.

    Cleanliness and tidiness are of the utmost importance to Samantha and she is a non-smoker, making her the epitome of the perfect flatmate. With her in your flatshare, you’ll be living in a veritable haven of creativity, culture and knowledge. She is dependable, responsible and has great communication skills. She’s the perfect combination of easy-going, friendly and respectful.

    Samantha speaks English, Spanish and Zorastrian. Living with Samantha would be a truly enriching experience and you will not regret it.

    If you would like to adopt Samantha as your flatmate, just drop an email to info@lookingforwg.com.

    Or, perhaps you’d like to be the next flatmate.